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Dear Fellow Community Member,  

I am here to serve the public. Please contact my office if I can help you with an issue, you want to voice your views on an issue, apply for a Delegate Scholarship, or any other concern. (410-841-3206).

You can also visit the General Assembly's very helpful website at:

Session Successes!

The Passion Conference

Del. Meagan Simonaire Lead Sponsor on 3 Key Initiatives:

1. Affordable Education for Human Trafficking Victims Act
This legislation provides education to Maryland residents who are human trafficking victims. Part of the healing process is to remove the victim from the jurisdiction where they were trafficked. Unfortunately, that creates a huge educational barrier as out-of-county rates would apply, if attending a community college in a different county. This bill allows victims to maintain in-county educational rates throughout Maryland. This is being hailed as the first in the nation type of legislation that helps victims outside the court system.

2. Expanding Citizen Oversight at Pasadena's Dredging Facility
This legislation expands the citizen oversight at the Cox Creek Dredging Facility in Pasadena. The site is doubling its capacity to bring in potentially hazardous materials from the harbor. It is always important to have citizen oversight, especially with the expansion efforts taking place.

I have personally toured the facility and had a presentation on the expansion efforts. The state has been very willing to share and work with the community, as demonstrated by their support for my legislation.

3. Education and Taxpayer Dollars Transparency Act
This legislation requires Anne Arundel County School System to post on their website all expenditures that reach a certain dollar threshold for the year. Transparency is very important, especially when it comes to taxpayer dollars. The more government is transparent, the better the people are served.

Delegate supported Governor Hogan's Repeal of Rain Tax!

Governor Hogan and the legislature were successful in repealing the Rain Tax at the State level. Now the counties need to take action.

Experienced with Legislation
(Below: Meagan Testifying Before Committee in Annapolis)

Annapolis testifying.

Advocate of Ending Human Trafficking

The Passion Conference

On New Year’s Eve, Meagan and 42,000 other young adults attended the four-day Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The event highlighted the battle against human trafficking and raised $2.6 million.

As a result, prior to entering politics, Meagan worked with Annapolis legislators to draft the “Safe Harbor for Minors Act”. The bill had a very positive hearing and she is included in a comprehensive workgroup being formed to create a bipartisan package for next session.

Co-Founder of Annual Chesapeake Summit
(Educational Presentations and Special Recognition
for environmental work done by K-12 students in our community)

"The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure and deserves our attention. The annual Chesapeake Summit hosted in Pasadena is a way to help include our youth in the preservation and protection of our waterways. This can and must be done in a fiscally responsible way and not simply through raising taxes to create bigger governmental programs." ~ Meagan Simonaire

Chesapeake Summit Photos

Young Heroes Essay Contest
Meagan Simonaire
(Partner, Judge and Presenter)
Over 6000 essays written to date by elementary students

"There are so many amazing deeds being done by our youth every year. Young Heroes Essay Awards night is an event that recognizes the achievements of students in our communities." ~ Meagan Simonaire

Young Heroes Awards Night.

Simonaire Family has History of Serving
(Meagan - The 3rd of 7 children in the Simonaire Family)

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