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District 31 - Now has Delegate Sub-Districts

             I am asking for 1 of your 2 available votes in District 31-B

The State of Maryland is divided into geographic areas called Districts.

There are 47 Districts that encompass all the counties, towns and cities within Maryland.

Until 2014, District 31 had its one senator and three delegates elected from the entire district. After the re-districting, District 31 now divides its House of Delegates representatives into two sub-districts: A & B.

District 31-A contains Brooklyn Park and a small portion of Glen Burnie.

One House of Delegates member is elected from this Sub-district 31-A.

District 31-B contains all the rest (Pasadena, portions of Glen Burnie, Millersville and Severna Park).

Two House of Delegates members are elected from this Sub-district 31-B.

I am running in Sub-District 31-B.


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