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Becoming a politician was never my goal in life, but it became a passion when I saw the positive results I could achieve from being in office. I was elected in 2014 to the House of Delegates.

I have a great example in Senator Bryan Simonaire, my father, but while we have similar beliefs, we have different passions. My father is a full time engineer, so it may not surprise you to know he is very focused on details and solutions. My personality is more towards identifying with people’s needs and reaching out with a helping hand. I am not saying one attribute is better than the other, but it shows how similar people can serve in different ways.

I saw how my father would stand up to career politicians because it was the right thing to do, not necessarily the most expedient for his future. That motivated me as a young person that I could do the same and make a difference in helping those without an advocate.

Too many people in our community are being over-taxed and struggling to pay their bills, especially our seniors. There are homeless students that need our support and so many other people just needing someone to take the time to listen to their concerns. We see our rights constantly under attack and I could not stand by and watch them erode away.

I have been blessed to grow up in a wonderful family. I have traveled the world and seen the good and the bad in governments. I entered politics to make a difference and turn Annapolis back to the people.

-- Meagan Simonaire

  • 3rd of Seven Children with a Passion to Serve
  • Traveled to Every Continent but Antarctica
  • Studied at Bob Jones University
  • Born in Maryland
  • Hometown and Resident of Pasadena
  • Member of Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Member of Maryland Taxpayers Association
  • Member of the NRA
  • Member of MdRTL
  • Member of Anne Arundel NCRC
  • Panama Mission Trip with Focus on the Family
  • Participant in Anti-Human Trafficking Conferences
  • Delegate - Lead Sponsor on key legislation
  • Ways and Means Committee
  • Revenues Subcommittee
  • Finance Resources Subcommittee
  • Joint Committee on Children, Youth, and Families
  • Women Legislators of Maryland
  • State and National Campaign Volunteer
  • Co-Founder of Annual Chesapeake Summit
  • Partner in County’s Young Hero Essay Contest
  • International Travel, Photography
  • Helping those that do not have an Advocate
  • Outdoor Activities, Surfing, Boating

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