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Out-Of-Control Spending  (Top)

We need to stop this constant overspending and get our budget in line. This will take hard work and a change of mindset in Annapolis. From a practical standpoint, the first step and best time to cut spending is when the General Assembly proposes new spending budgets. Once the new money is allocated, it is much harder to take it back in future years.

We as legislators must look at the whole picture instead of legislation by legislation. There needs to be an overall approach when it comes to spending. Year after year, the budget continues to grow even when the economy is in the tank. We need fiscally responsible legislators looking after YOUR money. Too many times politicians forget its not their money.

Burdensome Taxation  (Top)

I believe the people are taxed enough! We see more taxes and fees every session. There was the largest tax increase in the history of Maryland in 2007, the millionaires tax, the alcohol tax, the tax on rain, the gas tax and the list goes on and on. Again, we need to control the spending and stop looking to the Maryland citizen to bail them out of every over spent budget crisis in Maryland.

2nd Amendment Rights  (Top)

As an NRA member, I believe in our 2nd Amendment Rights. I will work to keep those protections in place for law abiding citizens. We have seen a recent attack on these rights. We need more legislators who understand that these are fundamental rights granted to us and they must be protected.

Education  (Top)

I believe education is the key to the future. However, we must have accountability in our educational system and that starts with an elected school board. Anne Arundel County is one of the few remaining Governor appointed school boards in Maryland. It is time to have local accountability in Anne Arundel County.

Accountability produces quality. Practically, there is no direct accountability to a school board that spends billions of our tax dollars. I believe in the principle of "trust but verify" especially when it comes to government spending our tax dollars. I will work with educators, parents and students to ensure our children are in an environment that will help prepare them for life.

Lastly, we must also realize that one size or method does not work for all children, so there must be flexibility and options for families.

Environment  (Top)

I believe you can be a conservative and take care of the environment. We need to work to clean our waterways through commonsense approaches. The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure that must be protected by one and all. However, raising taxes, like the recently passed 'Rain Tax', is not the answer to the health of the bay.

The 'Rain Tax' raised taxes on property owners and then looked to develop a plan around the new revenues with little accountability. Creating bigger governmental programs is not the answer to the bay's problems. We need committed legislators working to solve the problems, not just throwing more of your money at it.

I will continue working to clean the bay with solid plans, accountability and transparency without raising taxes, so the next generation will be able to enjoy the environment.

Safe Communities  (Top)

I believe the criminal justice system is too lenient on criminals by allowing many to return to society before their sentence is complete. For example, if someone sexually abuses a child, they should not be back on the streets in a year or two. We need truth in sentencing laws in Maryland. When the crime says 5 years, the individual should serve 5 years! When criminals realize they will serve the time, they will think twice before committing the crime.

Sanctity of Life  (Top)

I believe every life is precious and I volunteer my time especially helping children.

Illegal Immigration  (Top)

I oppose Maryland giving driver licenses to those illegally in our country. I also oppose Maryland taking our tax dollars to help pay for the college expenses for those illegally in our country.

Why should a law abiding parent struggling to pay for their own child's college education be forced to give their money to subsidize those illegally in our country? Where is the fairness in that?

I believe everyone should obey the law and special treatment should not be given to anyone breaking the law. We are a nation and state of laws. Once we turn a blind eye on one group of law breakers - where do we stop?


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